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Who we are

At Globeprep, we are Consulting and Training Specialists in Organisational Development and Institutional Strengthening (OD/IS) for State-owned corporations, development institutions and third sector organisations in Europe and Africa. Your first-choice partner in impactful Institutional project aspirations. Established by global experts in strategic institutional development and capacity building, our associates are passionate about delivering innovative, results-based transformative projects. 

Our solutions can help you to;

  • Transform institutional capabilities and capacity by outsourcing staff training and reform projects you don't have time or resources for. 
  • Influence transformative action through evidence - based innovative stakeholder surveys and data-led public-sector reform decisions
  • Unlock strategic innovative possibilities and competitive best practice through collaborative knowledge sharing alliances 

Contact us today and find out how you can benefit from all this while you focus on your core competencies and bring joy to all your stakeholders including your finance department. No project is too big or too small as we aim to help you reimagine and implement successful collaborative institutional possibilities



Growing World-Class Institutions through collaborative evidence-based transformative projects.


To be the first-choice in transformative Organisational development and institutional strengthening (OD/IS) executive projects in Africa and Europe.

Our code of conduct

People continuously developing as one for the Global strategic leadership of our brand and our clients.

    • People – People are at the core of everything we do. We value individuals and relationships with all our stakeholders, we strive to commit 100% to the Vision.
    • Continuously – Innovation and consistency in our quest for excellence, dedication; exhausting resources to nurture competencies in changing market conditions.
    • Developing – we all strive to explore ways to improve; listening to our clients’ needs, formulating and improving on existing solutions and ultimately developing individuals, organizations and societies around the world.
    • As one – Partnering to succeed together. We support inclusive development, efficient problem solving, effective communication, global knowledge sharing, strength in diversity, dedication, and teamwork.
    • Global – World class support for global leadership of our clients and our brand. We think and develop globally.
    • Strategic – we plan and work towards short-term wins and long-term sustainable advantage.
    • Leadership – Our stakeholders and our service will be the best with no exception. Inclusive leadership, fostering change and global excellence.
    • Our brand – we commit to building our brand as the key Global partner in all Consultancy, Training or Project needs.
    • Our clients – We aim to delight all our partners through all our support, collaborating on feasible solutions and ensuring client satisfaction

Why GlobePrep – We are DRIVEN

Develop, Reimagine an Impactful Vision & Execute Now! (DRIVEN)
Organisations, like individuals, compete on the basis of their ability to create and utilize knowledge and resources. As Capability catalysts, we enhance global competitiveness and human capabilities, provide evidence-based consultancy as well as training that ensures your team is strategically aligned with your institutions' goals. This frees you to reach your fullest potential whilst safeguarding resources.
We don’t just solve problems; we inspire new futures by creating and reimagining potential in your development goals. This is supported by Global consulting solutions from world-class practitioners, developed and informed by best practice from the top 5 global consulting houses, academia and governance institutional experiences.
People are at the centre of our offer. Our associates support implementation of innovative, impactful project-based solutions. This supports emerging and existing leaders through shared innovative tools and solutions via our virtual community of practice, our research and advocacy and executive projects. GlobePrep works with creative internationally experienced and qualified associates with specialist proven results in the knowledge-based economy.
Our solutions are Research-led and Data-driven, with a keen focus on evidence-based global best practice presented in innovative interactive analytics and visualisations for time-poor senior leaders and their staff. We continually review our solutions to future-proof our vision to be the first-choice in transformative Organisational development and institutional strengthening (OD/IS) executive projects for senior leaders of institutions in Africa and Europe.
Our responsibility towards sustainable development through projects that have positive impact on all stakeholders. This includes ethical profit making, environmental and social concern. Globeprep’s work also supports the work of the 17th pillar of the UN sustainable development goals (SDGs) that aims to; Strengthen the means of implementation and revitalize the global partnership for sustainable development  
We don’t postpone progress! We work with Project Executives to secure the timely project-based output of the designated Project Brief and Business Case. Our work continues to support strategic decision making and project aspirations in today’s complex and uncertain contexts. This includes a myriad of stakeholder expectations, constraints in resources and institutional capacity, shifts in policies and dynamic global economic and social development aspirations.


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